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In the time of my favor; Lord will answer me. He will answer me whenever I call upon Him.
In the days of salvation, God will help me. We are in the days of salvation. Help will comes from Heaven whenever I need. Whenever I lift my hands requiring help; help will locate me in the Name of Jesus.
God will keep me and protect me all the days of my life in the Name of Jesus.


God will cause me to be a saviour. Throughout this year, I will save people. I will be the help my family, friends and loved one needs. I will help save them from trouble. I will deliver them from their captivities in the Name of Jesus.
This Year, I will need not to labour to get my need met. I will not need to labour to feed my family as my needs will be easily available and accessible for me.
I will find pasture on every barren field. I will find green leaves on every dry ground. I will find success and profits where others failed. People are investing and they are loosing money; saying dollar rise. In the midst of this economy, I will get profitable in the Name of Jesus.
Lord will guide me throughout this year. I will not make mistakes of any kind. I will not walk into the wrong places. I will not miss my steps and won’t mix with wrong people in the Name of Jesus.
From this moment, Am an attraction to good tidings. Everybody I need to attract will find and locate me.
God will publish my address; He will advertise me Himself in the Name of Jesus. Amen.
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