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LWF ft Ola – Oyibiri

Feeling blessed is in vogue.

A quick look at Facebook and Twitter shows how many people today feel #blessed.

In our social-media world, saying you’re blessed can be a way of boasting while trying to sound humble.

As Christians we use that term too, of course. We pray God will bless our family. We attribute our undeserved gifts to “God’s blessings.” We talk about ministries being blessed. But what does it really mean? How should we understand the blessing of God?

God’s greatest blessing always rests in God himself. When we have that, we are truly #blessed.

When God decides to bless you, he put asides protocols, He turns the table around for you no matter what you have done or who you are.

He doesn’t need you to be qualified for HIS blessings, HE QUALIFIES you for HIS BLESSING.

When God wants to bless you, no matter where you are, His Blessings will overturn (YIBIRI) and overturn(YIBIRI) till you are FOUND! Ezekiel 21vs 27

This is a SONG that talks about GOD’S KIND ACT locating us not because of what we have done but because of WHAT HE HAS DONE!

Anticipate 24/09/2017

New Song from Living Word featuring Ola titled OYIBIRI.


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